Advice on Becoming a Futurist from Ross Dawson

By | November 1, 2017

I wrote in an earlier post that becoming a professional futurist was one of the most basic and most obvious ways to become wealthy through ‘investing in the future’.  Of course, being a professional futurist can entail advising other individuals and companies how to invest in tech stocks etc. So how do you reach a point where you can make a living through a career as a futurist.  According to Wikipedia, ‘Ross Dawson is a Australian author, futurist, entrepreneur and former stockbroker.[1] Best known for his 2002 book ‘Living Networks’, Dawson founded the futures think tank Future Exploration Network and consults on digital futures to various big organisations such as Ernst & Young, Macquarie Bank, Microsoft and News Corp.’

Ross Dawson recently gave some advice on his blog as to 10 Key Elements of a Career Thinking About the Future. Here they are summarized below :

  1. Backgrounds in diverse domains.
  2. Exposure to variety in study, work and society.
  3. Mastering systems thinking.
  4. Building capability and credibility.
  5. Education and self-education.
  6. Career paths.
  7. Publishing.
  8. Social networking.
  9. Professional development.
  10. Mentoring and fostering connections.