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Book Review : Get Technology (Gerald Lynch)

This book aims to get readers up to speed with the 20 key tech developments that are likely to change the way we live our lives over the next years and decades. It’s a highly structured, with the 20 specific tech advances grouped together into five different broader areas such as ‘exploration’ and ‘security’. As… Read More »

Ready Player One to Kickstart VR Headset Sales?

One of the biggest blockbusters of the year is set to be released next week (23rd March) – Ready Steady One – and it’s all bout virtual reality. It has all the ingredients to be a massive hit, directed by noneother than Steven Spielberg and based upon a very recent cult sci-fi book of the… Read More »

Technology Prediction Articles for 2018

At the end of each year, a raft of technology and science sites pick up their crystal balls and make some predictions for the coming 12 months. They’re always fun to read, whether or not they end up being proven right or whether they miss whatever does turn out to be the next big thing.… Read More »

SingularityHub looks at Emerging Technologies

SingularityHub is a website that explores future trends and technology breakthroughs, with an underlying nod to the idea of ‘the Singularity’ – the view that technological progress is exponential and heading to a moment that will radically transform society and even what it is to be human. In an interesting article it covers an interview… Read More »

The Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies 2017

A useful infogram detailing the current state of a huge number of emerging technologies in what has ben called the ‘hype cycle’ : The graphic comes from market research firm Gartner, who coined the term ‘hype cycle’, or at least gave it some detailed analysis, by breaking it down into five component parts. Being able… Read More »

Advice on Becoming a Futurist from Ross Dawson

I wrote in an earlier post that becoming a professional futurist was one of the most basic and most obvious ways to become wealthy through ‘investing in the future’.  Of course, being a professional futurist can entail advising other individuals and companies how to invest in tech stocks etc. So how do you reach a… Read More »

Low Level A.I. Specialists Can Earn $500K Per Year

There’s been a lot of discussion and even fear mongering over the potential of A.I. to make millions of jobs and occupations obsolete. Successfully investing in the future, especially for young people, can mean understanding what impact A.I. is likely to have upon society, and above all, the jobs market. But what about working in… Read More »