Apple’s AR Gold Rush: What Entrepreneurs Should Know (Forbes)

By | September 16, 2017

An interesting article in Forbes today that gives some pointers to entrepreneurs on how to seize the massive opportunities in the AR goldrush triggered by Apple’s new iPhone unveiling earlier this week.

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OK then, so what should entrepreneurs consider? What are the ways to capitalize on the AR wave? Well, let’s take a look:

Understanding AR: There is really no clear-cut definition of the technology. But one way to look at AR is to compare it to VR. VR involves a completely digital world and often requires wearing a headset or glasses. AR, on the other hand, is about mixing digital objects within your own real-world environment.

A good example is what IKEA has done, which is to develop an app that allows you to place furniture and other household items within one of your rooms.

Requirements: To create AR apps, you need to use Apple’s software framework, which is called ARKit. Even though it is the first version, the system is quite robust and fairly easy to use. ARKit also allows for different levels of graphical capabilities, such as SceneKit and Metal (which is generally for high-end games).

Something else: A user will need a device that has an A9 chip or higher to be able to get the full experience of AR. This means having an iPhone 6S or above or the 2017 versions of the iPad.