Five Ways to Profit From the Future

By | September 1, 2017

This blog is intended to teach you how to profit from the future – how to spot technology trends, and often the social effects that go with them, in order to make money.  Here are the five most obvious ways that you can turn a talent for predicting the future into cold hard cash.

1 # Becoming a professional futurologist. ‘Futurology’ is the ‘study of the future’.  Despite an established history of abysmal attempts to predict the long-term future, there is a growing belief that speculating upon the future can be made more systematic and built upon firmer scientific ground.  There are now professional futurologists who do indeed earn their living from a reputed ability to make predictions which enables them to be employed by businesses seeking to profit from that skill.

2 # Becoming an entrepreneur and starting ‘the next big thing’.  Individuals who can combine future predicting with marketing and business skills are the people who can create the next Google, Amazon, or Uber.

3 # Investing in other people’s companies and startups. Simpler than 2, you simply invest your money in companies that you’ve identified as having the potential for growth in a future market – you let others do the work for you.

4 # Investing in other areas such as real estate. All forms of investment are by definition making a prediction or bet on the future, and other traditional investment areas – such as the housing market – can be profitable for future gazers, as well as new technologies that disrupt existing markets such as Bitcoin and other crypto currencies.

5 # Improving your career long term by learning skills that will be relevant in the future.  On a more basic level, an ability to predict long term trends in the employment market can be useful in choosing which skills to train or retrain for, or the education and career you choose to invest in for your children’s future.

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