Advice on Becoming a Futurist from Ross Dawson

I wrote in an earlier post that becoming a professional futurist was one of the most basic and most obvious ways to become wealthy through ‘investing in the future’.  Of course, being a professional futurist can entail advising other individuals and companies how to invest in tech stocks etc. So how do you reach a… Read More »

Low Level A.I. Specialists Can Earn $500K Per Year

There’s been a lot of discussion and even fear mongering over the potential of A.I. to make millions of jobs and occupations obsolete. Successfully investing in the future, especially for young people, can mean understanding what impact A.I. is likely to have upon society, and above all, the jobs market. But what about working in… Read More »

How to Invest in 3D Printing

3D printing – also known as additive manufacturing – has been touted for a number of years as being an industry with such disruptive potential as to represent a new industrial revolution. However, it seems that stocks in the leading 3D printing companies have been the victims of a hype cycle, with expectations massively exceeding… Read More »

Five Ways to Profit From the Future

This blog is intended to teach you how to profit from the future – how to spot technology trends, and often the social effects that go with them, in order to make money.  Here are the five most obvious ways that you can turn a talent for predicting the future into cold hard cash. 1… Read More »